Simba Solutions

Simba Solutions combines consulting expertise, software and benchmarking to deliver trade investments optimization internationally.

Why is this strategically important?

  • Trade Spend increases outpace sales growth
  • Challenging to compare net net prices across different markets / customers and within the same customer
  • Low conditionality on trade investments; and/or not linked to your key business drivers
  • Limited information on benchmarking
  • Lack of systems to aggregate and classify all different trade terms across customers and markets

What we deliver:

  • Transition to a performance-related trade terms structure based on┬áconditionality
  • Monitor pricing, simulate alternative strategies and track execution
  • Reduce pricing exposure (globally across markets / customers & within key customers)
  • Evaluate and benchmark trade investments performance against the category

Why we are different:

  • Expertise: We have designed, structured and led the implementation of new commercial policies in a different FMCG companies
  • Methodology: is modular and integrates all necessary steps, from diagnostics to execution
  • Benchmarking: of your trade investments is a new service we are launching

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